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New FSC Certification Initiatives

May 15-17, Silver Taiga Foundation’s director Yury Pautov participated in the working meeting of European and “Boreal” members of the Forest Stewardship Council considering draft motions of FSC General Assembly, which is a global forum of the international voluntary certification system expected to be held in October 2017 in Vancouver (Canada).

Talk about Hot Buttons in Forest Management

The talk between representatives of forest sector companies and rural residents took place at a regular regional Forest Dialogue meeting “FSC Certification: Local Communities and Logging Companies” in the Komi Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry on May 11-12. The conference was facilitated by the Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development supported by the World […]

Gaining Revenge

Young Udora intellectuals intend to challenge the Model River Mezen project experts with another intellectual game.

About Stone Eel and Red Book’s Bullhead

Silver Taiga’s lectures at Usogorsk secondary school spoke about the Mezen ichthyofauna. As part of the Model River Mezen project implemented by the Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development, Nikolay Shilov, the project coordinator, conducted some classes devoted to the Mezen ichthyofauna diversity. Lectures 35 minutes each seemed very short, as they were perceived at […]

The Mezen is a Binding Thread

That was the name of the environmental and regional study round table meeting arranged at the central library of Mezen at one of the weekends in March.

Silver Taiga’s Owls Will “Fly Over” Syktyvdin District in April

Silver Taiga’s members have gathered a unique collection of souvenir owls made of various materials – wood, bark, bone, clay, glass, beads, wool, and even hay. The Foundation’s employees brought figurines of this mysterious inhabitant of the Northern taiga from all over the world – from business trips and vacation tours. Silver Taiga’s friends also […]

Silver Taiga Helped Youth Organization Etas and National Park from Arkhangelsk Region to Master GIS Technologies

Last week, a two-day seminar Potential of Forest Resources and Management Data Obtaining Through Earth Remote Sensing trained volunteers of the youth public organization. The event was supported by the World Wildlife Fund and arranged in the NGO’s office in Arkhangelsk. Employees of the Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park also studied the GIS technology basics alongside […]