About Foundation

Komi Regional Non-Profit Foundation "Silver Taiga" was founded in 2002 on the basis of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The Foundation is implementing Komi Model Forest, Forest Village and High Conservation Value Forests Projects, Komi Republic, Russia.


Рабочая группа обсудила планы проекта «Модельная река Мезень» на 2017 год
Mezen Upper Reaches: Has Ceased Amateur Fishery Improved Situation?

This round table was held in Koslan’s district administration on 17 November. The local Council deputies, local members of the project work group, volunteers of the Komi Voytyr interregional public movement, representatives of the district administration, AgroUdora cooperative, OOO Ozherelye Udora, Udora department of Komi branch of the Federal Fishery Agency, Upper Mezen district forestry, Republic Center of Specially Protected Natural Areas and the Silver Taiga Foundation took part in the discussion initiated under the Model River Mezen project.

Joint Regional Actions Required to Preserve Mezen Salmon

A regular meeting of the Work Group focused on development of the target interregional program for salmon preservation and reproduction in the Mezen and formed three years ago under the support of the regional government has been held again. Although the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Komi Republic hosted the first interregional meeting on the issue that very time as well, it was also the last one mostly due to numerous structural reorganizations.

Training Courses for Logging Operators

More than 120 logging operators from Mondi Syktyvkar and its contracting organizations took part in the field courses on the subject «Planning and organization of loggings according to the requirements of the Russian National FSC standard – ecological and silvicultural aspects» carried out by Silver Taiga Foundation.

Liquidation of the Ministry of Nature: Arguments «AGAINST» Have Not Been Considered

The representatives of Silver Taiga Foundation have prepared and submitted a letter to the Head of the Komi Republic Sergei Gaplikov with regard to his decision about combination of the Ministry of Nature and the Ministry of Industry under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industry taken on October 17.