About Foundation

Komi Regional Non-Profit Foundation "Silver Taiga" was founded in 2002 on the basis of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The Foundation is implementing Komi Model Forest, Forest Village and High Conservation Value Forests Projects, Komi Republic, Russia.


Monitoring of the Spawning Grounds Will Help to Evaluate the Mezen Salmon Population Dynamics

An annual research expedition on monitoring of the spawning grounds of the Atlantic salmon population in the Mezen has come to an end. The expedition was organized by Silver Taiga Foundation under Model River Mezen Project. 

Syktyvkar Forest Institute Freshmen Walk Model Forest Routes

Silver Taiga representatives Alexander Borovlyov and Nikolay Shilov spent the last two weeks of September showing demonstration routes of Komi Model Forest to the first-year students of Syktyvkar Forest Institute.

International Forest School in Komi
Komi hosted the International Forest Summer School course initiated by Syktyvkar Forest Institute and conducted with the support of the partners - Mondi Syktyvkar and Silver Taiga - from 5 to 10 September. International students join Syktyvkar Forest Institute students for this annual course.
Monitoring of the Irva Lakes Started
At the beginning of September the Foundation's environmentalists held a workshop for the fishers of the Irva branch of the AgroUdora cooperative to reinforce fish resources monitoring skills of the cooperative's members.
New Information
New issues of the supplement "Model River Mezen" to the newspaper «Vyl Tujod» (Udora district of Komi) are available on our website.